A Brief History

RSVP projects have been around since 1971, when 11 pilot projects were launched nationwide. From their viewed success additional projects were started across the nation. In 1972, RSVP of Black Hawk County was started. This project continued to grow and in 2001, Fayette County (Oelwein) became included in this project.

RSVP, along with Senior Companions and Foster Grandparents is part of the National Senior Service Corps, which is under the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). Although every RSVP project has to follow specific Federal Regulations, each project is unique - able to acclimate itself to the community it serves by addressing the respective community’s needs. Most projects have a local sponsor, who takes the responsibility and oversight for the development and direction of the program. Although locally there have been a few sponsors before, RSVP of Black Hawk and Fayette Counties has been sponsored by Covenant Medical Center since 1992.

In approximately 1996, RSVP projects across the nation started gearing up to acclimate themselves to the idea and process of outcome measurement of the services provided by their volunteers. This was a big change for RSVP and yet it was a positive change as now RSVP could show a much better picture of the value of those services.

Now many years later, RSVP projects nationwide are measuring outcomes of services provided. Although challenging and daunting at times, this outcome measurement reflects a more accurate picture of RSVP and volunteers.

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