What qualifies an agency to work with RSVP?

Agencies must be a nonprofit organization and be willing to sign and follow a RSVP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Once an agency has a signed MOU with RSVP, they are then referred to as a Station.

Are there restrictions on the type of volunteer assignments RSVP will assist with?

Yes, there are a few. RSVP is not allowed to help with political causes or assist with a religion based activity (ex. conducting Bible Study meeting). However, if the activity at the church is for the community as a whole, such as a community wide meal, that would be considered. This is not saying a RSVP volunteer can not do these activities. RSVP can not recruit or place a volunteer in these activities or take hours served in such activities.

In addition, RSVP reserves the right to determine when other volunteer requests may be inappropriate for RSVP and/or the volunteers.

If you would like to talk to RSVP about becoming a Station, please Click Here!

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